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Montoro & Associates uses translators from private industries, consultants, sub-contractors and universities.

We work on Print and Digital Products

Project Management

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Efficiency is important to us. We are always seeking new ways to simplify our process for our clients and subcontractors. We invest heavily in technology, and rely on our office equipment to help complete our projects accurately, completely and on time. We believe in transparent, two-way communication, and encourage our translators and our clients to communicate with us early and often, through the wide variety of methods available, e.g., telephone, fax, email, Skype, text message or regular mail. MAES remains committed to providing the highest quality customer service in the industry. We pride ourselves in responding to all customer service issues whenever they arise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Our project manager assigns and oversees all work performed by translators. Our team of professional translators will translate documents according to your style guidelines and glossaries (if provided). Our translators work as a team, sharing research and language tools to guarantee the consistency of our work throughout the project. We communicate deliverable dates to our translation team and, using our project management skills and discipline, ensure that each of these dates is met.

Content Writing

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Since 2003, MAES has developed well-written, well-researched content for our clients that speaks confidently and with authority to its intended audience. Delivering work in both print and digital formats, we write new content including fiction, non-fiction, children's stories, leveled books, assessment activities, reading guide lessons and teacher’s guide lessons. Our content writers bring their innate writing abilities to every job and deliver knowledge and creativity, all within our disciplined project management approach, which prioritizes the delivery of your project and its milestones on time and with quality.


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Our editorial team reviews content against style guides, glossaries and term lists to ensure correct formatting, compliance with your guides and glossaries, the usage of the correct technical terminologies, and the clarity and delivery of your core message. For translations and transcriptions, our editors compare translated documents against the originals to check for inaccuracies, mistakes and omissions.


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After editorial review, all work is submitted to our proofreaders for a final review. They check content against the latest glossary updates and verify your content’s grammar, spelling, syntax, and semantics. After proofreader review, our senior editor approves each project before submission to our client. We will address any modification requests immediately and at no additional charge. We do not consider any project complete until we have the client’s final approval and notice of their satisfaction.


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We provide accurate, affordable transcriptions in six languages to clients in the educational, medical and legal fields. Our team ensures that your transcription is prepared so that it can be understood by readers at all levels of academic proficiency. We work efficiently and can turn most projects around in less than 72 hours, using US-based transcribers who, through our rigorous onboarding process, have proven their expertise in both transcription and their subject matter area. 


translate Editorial Services

MAES offers language solutions in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese

Our team

We deliver quality, by hiring language professionals with:
  • Degrees from universities or technical schools
  • Minimum of five years experience in their field
  • Native-level proficiency and degrees obtained in the target language
  • An awareness of the linguistic sensitivities and nuances of the target language

We deliver integrity, by ensuring our language professionals comply with our company’s standards and principles:
  • Each employee and contractor is tested and evaluated on his or her mastery of the language and subject matter area.
  • We rigorously screen each language professional and check references from past projects.
  • Many of our translators are ATA-certified.

We deliver on time, every time:
  • We will assign a contract/project manager who will be available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week and will be responsible for all assignments.